Solar Plant

Our college implemented the solar system as arenewable energy source Arts Block has a solar power plant of 20KW capacity. There are 80 solar cells in our panel. Each cell has the following specification.

  • ⦁ Maximum power 250W
  • ⦁ Open circuit voltage 37.2 V
  • ⦁ Short circuit current 8.96A
  • ⦁ Maximum power voltage 30.8v
  • ⦁ Maximum power current 8.12 A
  • ⦁ Maximum System voltage 1000VDC
  • ⦁ Maximum reverse current 15A


Our college has the facility to convert food waste and animal waste to biogas and used as fuel for the purpose of cooking.


Wheeling to the Grid

As A part of energy conservation our college had an Agreement with Kerala Electricity Board regarding the installation of solar panel and Sanction for energization orders.


Sensor Based Energy Conservation

There are different types of sensor based energy conservation systems are implemented in our college. Uses of energy conservation system includes reduction of electricity usage and water conservation.

Automation of Principals Room: Electronics devices in principles room are controlled by mobile application.

Automation of Electronic Lab: Electronics devices in Electronics lab are controlled by a remote.

Automatic Water conservation system for boys Toilet: System which control the flow of water based on the presence or absents of students.


Use of LED Bulbs

As a part of energy conservation we replaced damaged light by LED bulbs.