Don Bosco (1815- 1888) is one of the greater educationists the world has ever seen. He worked tirelessly for the overall welfare of youth. "It is enough that you are young for me to love you" were his constant words. A man of vision, he was far ahead of his times. He was a man of extraordinary talents, and an educationist par excellence. He evolved a system of education known as the Preventive System where the principles of reason, religion and loving kindness are the basis of the formation of the young.


To continue his system of education, he founded the Salesian Society whose members work in over 120 countries in the field of edcation and youth services. They include universities, colleges, technical and agricultural institutes, youth centres, schools, placement services, institutes for the rehabilitation of street children etc.


Don Bosco College, Mannuthy, a Catholic Minority Institution, is part of this worldwide network. It is an Arts and Science College, affiliated to the University of Calicut, where we strive to achieve the total development of youngsters and transform them into honest citizens and persons of faith. It provides University education needed to meet the challenges of the times. The Government of Kerala granted permission to start the college through the GO(MS) No.10/2005/Higher Edn. Thiruvananthapuram, dated 14/02/2005.

Banking on hte inspiration of the founder, St. John Bosco, and strengthened by the experience of his devoted sons all over the world, Don Bosco College places great emphasis on the overall development of the students. Education can never be divorced from the larger patterns of life. We at Don Bosco believe that Education should help people lead better lives, earn better income, and take them up the rungs of the ladder in society. It should give them the strength to understand and cope with the hard realities of life, thus paving the way for fulfillment in life. With this end in view, Don Bosco College leads all the students, regardless of the branch / course selected, through an integrated course on the science of creativity and personality development.

Successful education is the result of proper collaboration of parents, students and teachers. Hence we request the parents / guardians to keep in touch with the staff in the college periodically.

Every Monday at 8.40 a.m all the staff & students shall assemble in the portico for a shortprayer and a morning talk. On all other days the students shall assemble in their respectice classes for the prayer and the talk. We have a computerized system of attendance reporting and progress monitoring. Monthly attendance reports and term examination results along with our observation regarding the student are sent to the parents periodically.


We aim at helping the students to be intellectually competent, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically fit and strong, and socially acceptable. Our students should be capable of championing the cause of justice, love, truth and peace in order to develop our nation. They should equip themselves with enough material to be in the forefront to create a just and human society that respects human dignity and religious harmony. They should be prepared to shoulder the responsibility of protecting national integration, and the cultural heritage of the country. Above all, they should stand on their own feet, facing bravely and successfully, this world of acute competition.

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